We created this application - centralized account system - to enable you to log in to all of our applications without creating separate accounts on all of them.
Usage of this, and all other web applications and websites we provide, is entirely optional.
We always took privacy seriously, and never abused your data. To make everything even easier to understand after the introduction of European Union's GDPR, we created this page.

What data are we gathering?

Just the basics we need to provide the functionality - your email and nickname.
You can optionally link your Steam account to this system, so we'd store your Steam ID.
We also use Cookies to provide automatic login features. We might also use them for analytic purposes too.

Why do we need that data?

To provide basic functionality of this application, enabling you to log into all of our apps with single credentials. We gather and store all of your data only with a consent from you.

How long are we keeping your data?

We keep most of your data until you delete your account.
Any cookies will exist in your web browser as long as you allow them to, via your browser settings.

Who manages your data?

Your data is kept by us, Unknown Worlds Entertainment Inc., stored on systems provided by our partners in USA.
Our office is located at 1261 Howard Street Fl#3 in San Francisco, CA 94103-2765, United States.
You can contact us at

Your data management rights

You can contact us to erase, update, transfer or request a copy of your data.
You can lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.
If you have any complaints, please do let us know too!
Once again, you can contact us about all of that at